Friday, September 30, 2005


This place is a biking town, and they really support bikers around here. Its funny I am seeing things that I have only saw in the Netherlands. They have real overpasses just for bikes. At the stoplights there are diamond sensor pads that pick up if a bike is waiting at the light just like for the cars. (I wonder how sensitive they really are with aluminum and now carbon fiber bikes? Is there really enough of a magnetic presence?) There are tandem bikes with the trailer hooked up to the back for the "two parents and a kid" bikes. A lot of the faculty at the school ride bikes (They charge faculty for parking passes just like the students to encourage them to ride bikes). It was weird having the dean of the CIS college show up in shorts because he rode his bike to school.
The most amusing thing that we have seen so far for bikes was a sign that read "Valet parking for bikes" at a recent city celebration.
Along with everyone riding bikes there is a problem with theft. L. and I had to buy new locks (not susceptible to the bic pen trick) along with cables to make sure both the tires are there when we get out of class. We both know a few people that have already had their bikes or some portion of them not there when they got out of class so hopefully we should be able to avoid that.

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