Thursday, September 08, 2005


I look at moving as a necessary evil. L. was all to happy to get out of Glendora, and California for that matter. I got stuck packing up the truck since L. wanted to get on the road to miss traffic and put enough miles behind her to time it correctly to get to the apartment office at the right time. After everything was moved I spent the next week and a half basically living out of a suitcase. L. drove up to our apartment and was basically doing the same. With all our stuff in transit in a truck we could both only wait. We went with a company called ABF and I swear I will never go with Uhaul again. The way that it works is that you fill up the back of the truck. You are charged by the number of linear feet that you use. A large bulkhead is put in place to separate your stuff. They then pick up the trailer and fill it the rest of the way up with commercial stuff they are shipping and put the trailer on the back of a train. With hurricane Katrina just hitting and gas prices hitting above $3 a gallon if we had rented a moving truck we could have easily paid as much for gas as we did for the moving fee. The thing that we did learn is that a truck trailer has no shocks so all the stuff gets bounced around a lot. Some of our stuff had worn parts on it just from rubbing against whatever was next to it. (next time we will need to tape blankets around everything like the pro's) But all our stuff made it to Oregon. L. got some people to help her from church to unload the boxes and moving from a house to an apartment means that there are boxes everywhere and we are trying to sift through our stuff and get rid of any non-essentials.

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