Sunday, October 30, 2005

No more TV

So as part of our trying to save space, and to be better grad students, and to save money, we got rid of the TV. Sold it on craigs list, sold the Tivo on eBay, and gave away the entertainment center for free. (got a response 3 min. after listing it- isn't the Internet great)
To make sure that we don't stay out of the loop e can still watch DVD's on one of our computers, I set up iTunes to download the news podcast from NPR every morning, and we download the clips for the daily show from the comedy central website.
There has been some repercussions, I didn't even know that the world series was happening. I usually just don't know who is playing. The only real time that I get a craving to watch TV is when I get home from school and want to veg while I eat lunch. So far this has been taken care of a bunch of $1 DVD's that we bought of old cartoons. (On a side note it is rather interesting to watch superman and daffy duck beating up German and Japanese people.)


Well I think that the rain season is upon us. So far this means rain pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks. This is not what I am used to as compared to California storms. There if it was going to rain, you knew it. The clouds would build up all day then let loose in a deluge with drops as big as marbles. In Washington the rain will last for days but it stays more of a heavy mist with the clouds never really going away. Here it is deceptively sunny in the morning. (Tricking me a few times to not wear a jacket to school- to get the pleasure of riding my bike home in the rain with no protection.) The clouds form and it rains from about 12-3 then it clears up and is scattered clouds for the rest of the day.
The clouds really define where the rain hits too. Just the other day it was sunny of one side of the building while on the other there was rain, a distance of about 50 feet.
I guess there has to be some reason for everything to be so green around here. I was worried that the rain would be miserable to ride my bike in. As it turns out as long as I have my jacket on I really don't get wet. I put fenders on both of our bikes and they work well.

down sizing

For the last 6 years we were renting houses. So our junk level has grown over the years. When we moved we tried to down size as much as possible but still ended up with 14 linear feet of stuff. With this type of thinking I own roughly half, so 504 cubic feet of crap. When we got to our new apartment we have had "fun" trying to get everything to fit in this small apartment. We have gone through two reducing cycles where everything either was donated to thrift stores or thrown out, but the apartment still seems rather crowded. After the schooling that we both had we now have 4 book shelves of just book between us, L. has all her teaching and toys for kids and I have a lot of electronics projects. I guess this is how eBay stays in business as I just got done selling off anything of worth that we wouldn't use anymore.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Getting a phone number

L. calls her family a lot. Before they offered unlimited long distance it was normal to get $60-$100 phone bill. So when moving here having VOIP was a no-brainer. The problem was that I tried to get the cheapest VOIP service. The first problem that I ran into was that not all the companies offered VOIP here in Eugene. We had been with Vonage and would have kept them but that was not an option. I found a company called BBtelsys that offered service for $199 a year. I thought great, and signed up. They never sent the box to get online. They kept stalling until I threatened to cancel then suddenly it was in the mail. I then called back to find out what my number would be. They didn't really have any Eugene numbers and it took at least 20 days to get one provisioned but he would start the paperwork right that day if I wanted. All the red flags went off, I canceled the service, called the credit card company to fight the charges. Sure enough even though they say that they credited back to my card, it is showing up as a canceled billing. So just a warning to anyone looking for VOIP Broadband telephone systems is acting like a fly by night company and I really don't see them being in business to much longer since I have the feeling that it is a Ponzi scheme that they are running in the hopes they will get enough subscribers to survive. So we did end up getting VOIP from another company (Lingo) so it only took us 3 weeks to get our phone number that we could answer, which is kind of important when looking for a job.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I guess like most college campuses there are a lot of people throwing Frisbees around here. There being more hippies probably adds to it. I usually see at least 6 people doing it every day.
As I was walking home from school there was a guy walking toward me he got my attention by saying "hey, do you have a light?" then thew the Frisbee to me. I said no and threw the Frisbee back. We walked past each other and I chuckled about the encounter that could only happen here in Eugene.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well this is defiantly a liberal town. I would put it second to San Francisco. I think there are a lot of things contributing to it: It's a college town, liberal state, whatever. Its funny, I would consider my views a little more on the liberal side but there have been a few things that caught me off guard here. I guess I just don't like knee jerk reactions expecting everyone else to think like you do. I went to a teacher training session in the hopes of getting a school job and one of the warnings they have was to not just expect everyone to have a liberal view.
The anti-bush bumper stickers are plentiful and funny to read.
So as a liberal town there is a lot of recycling going on. At out apartment, or at school we have along with the dumpster we have cardboard, paper, newspapers, metal ,aluminum , plastic.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

getting a job

So since I decided to go back to school I still need to get a job of some sort. I have been trying to get a job at the school to pay for tuition. The problem is that it seems like you have to be a PhD to get one of the jobs that covers tuition. All the masters students have to get what is left over. So I am trying to just get one of the jobs with the computing department. They want to hire full time so no grad students. So I tried to get a job with one of the other departments on campus fixing their computers but so far I have been getting the idea that I am over-qualified for the job. I am well aware of this but it does not change my desire for getting a job on campus.
I guess everyone needs the poor student experience at some time in their life. This way I will finally have stories to tell my kids to keep them in line- well in my day....