Sunday, October 30, 2005

down sizing

For the last 6 years we were renting houses. So our junk level has grown over the years. When we moved we tried to down size as much as possible but still ended up with 14 linear feet of stuff. With this type of thinking I own roughly half, so 504 cubic feet of crap. When we got to our new apartment we have had "fun" trying to get everything to fit in this small apartment. We have gone through two reducing cycles where everything either was donated to thrift stores or thrown out, but the apartment still seems rather crowded. After the schooling that we both had we now have 4 book shelves of just book between us, L. has all her teaching and toys for kids and I have a lot of electronics projects. I guess this is how eBay stays in business as I just got done selling off anything of worth that we wouldn't use anymore.

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