Tuesday, November 01, 2005

finding our way around

When we moved here, neither of us had ever been here before so we had no idea where anything was. Since we signed up for phone service through VOIP, we didn't get a phone book in the mail. When I moved for the first time when I was 18 there were still the remnants of Ma bell stores that you could get phone books at but now they are all cell phone stores in the mall. Every other move I've had we either got one from the phone company a few days after getting service or there was always a stack at the local Target, not here. I looked up what the local phone company is and went to their booth at the mall if for no reason to just have someone to ask where another idea is for getting a phone book. They referred me to the chamber of commerce. So that is what that place is for. Every city has one I guess and I guess they need to do something, so I visited a city chamber of commerce for the first time in my life. Sure enough they were like a little store that carried all the advertising for the local stores, including a phone book. I also got "the students guide" to Eugene which is really a guide to the pizza places of Eugene.
When my wife got here she treated it like any other city we visited in Europe. She went to AAA and got a map.
To learn more of what the local stores are I have just gone for trips just riding my bike around town. The problem is there are a lot of bike paths that cars can't go on and vice vera so there are some problems getting those maps in my head to go together.
My wife and I have not done that much exploring together. This has led to us each having our own paths to get different places. We both know where we got to go but the person driving will head off the way that they know how to get there with the other person asking where they are going, they should have turned back there.
The main problem is that for such a small town there are a lot of one way roads here. I think it was done to make room for all the bike paths. So a lot of roads are 2-way for bikes with a one way road down the middle. The river and hill in the middle of town also mess up what seems like a half attempt at a grid pattern.

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