Sunday, October 09, 2005

getting a job

So since I decided to go back to school I still need to get a job of some sort. I have been trying to get a job at the school to pay for tuition. The problem is that it seems like you have to be a PhD to get one of the jobs that covers tuition. All the masters students have to get what is left over. So I am trying to just get one of the jobs with the computing department. They want to hire full time so no grad students. So I tried to get a job with one of the other departments on campus fixing their computers but so far I have been getting the idea that I am over-qualified for the job. I am well aware of this but it does not change my desire for getting a job on campus.
I guess everyone needs the poor student experience at some time in their life. This way I will finally have stories to tell my kids to keep them in line- well in my day....

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