Friday, October 21, 2005

Getting a phone number

L. calls her family a lot. Before they offered unlimited long distance it was normal to get $60-$100 phone bill. So when moving here having VOIP was a no-brainer. The problem was that I tried to get the cheapest VOIP service. The first problem that I ran into was that not all the companies offered VOIP here in Eugene. We had been with Vonage and would have kept them but that was not an option. I found a company called BBtelsys that offered service for $199 a year. I thought great, and signed up. They never sent the box to get online. They kept stalling until I threatened to cancel then suddenly it was in the mail. I then called back to find out what my number would be. They didn't really have any Eugene numbers and it took at least 20 days to get one provisioned but he would start the paperwork right that day if I wanted. All the red flags went off, I canceled the service, called the credit card company to fight the charges. Sure enough even though they say that they credited back to my card, it is showing up as a canceled billing. So just a warning to anyone looking for VOIP Broadband telephone systems is acting like a fly by night company and I really don't see them being in business to much longer since I have the feeling that it is a Ponzi scheme that they are running in the hopes they will get enough subscribers to survive. So we did end up getting VOIP from another company (Lingo) so it only took us 3 weeks to get our phone number that we could answer, which is kind of important when looking for a job.

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