Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well I think that the rain season is upon us. So far this means rain pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks. This is not what I am used to as compared to California storms. There if it was going to rain, you knew it. The clouds would build up all day then let loose in a deluge with drops as big as marbles. In Washington the rain will last for days but it stays more of a heavy mist with the clouds never really going away. Here it is deceptively sunny in the morning. (Tricking me a few times to not wear a jacket to school- to get the pleasure of riding my bike home in the rain with no protection.) The clouds form and it rains from about 12-3 then it clears up and is scattered clouds for the rest of the day.
The clouds really define where the rain hits too. Just the other day it was sunny of one side of the building while on the other there was rain, a distance of about 50 feet.
I guess there has to be some reason for everything to be so green around here. I was worried that the rain would be miserable to ride my bike in. As it turns out as long as I have my jacket on I really don't get wet. I put fenders on both of our bikes and they work well.

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