Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Getting a Job

I got a job! Normally this would be something to celebrate about, however considering the timing it really added to my current headache.
Being a grad student they recommend only taking 2 classes and filling up the rest of the credits with lecture classes. Well I was used to handling a heavy load by working and going to school full time and since I hadn't heard back from the few resumes that I had put out I expected to go this term without a job so I could handle 3 classes right? Well even with no job I spent every hour I had working on projects for the classes. My teacher for my GUI class gave us about 40 hours of work (not over-estimating either) a week. Then right at week 7 of 10 out of the term when things get crazy with trying to finish up final projects I get a job offer working for the school. I accepted it since it seemed so interesting.
A Psychology professor wants to study how the brain leans how to use a new prosthetic for an amputee. To create an artificial prosthetic he got a glove with a lot of sensors in it and a robot arm. I wrote the program that takes in the sensor info and allows that information to be assigned to any of the motors. I also ended up building the robot from a kit. Luckily there was a shipping problem that stalled the arm from getting in right when I got the job so I didn't have as much to do until school was out. Here is a picture of them
Now I would think that working for the school would entitle me to some perks, any perks. Nope, no tuition reduction, crappy pay, and no benefits. The good things are since we live close to campus, being close to work. They understand when I needed time off for finals, and there is no way I could handle a full time job right now.

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