Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Living in a school town

I have never lived in a college town before. All the places that I have lived if there was school there there was a big enough town that it was just another thing there. Here on game day everyone wears green and yellow. I mean everyone. There is a green or yellow "O" on everyone's car. We just had the "civil war" - the football game between University of Oregon and Oregon State University. The line for students to get their free tickets wrapped across the campus, and the town was deserted the day of the game. The problem was that it was right during when all the final projects were due so neither L. or I could go.
There is a dollar theater at one of the malls. Actually a $1.50 but I'm not complaining. The movies they show are a few months old but it allowed for us to watch all the movies that were playing while we were in Europe.
When I got the phone book one of the other things that I got to help me find my way around town was the "student survival guide". The entire thing was coupons for pizza. In a town of 100,000 there are at least 13 pizza restaurants that I know of.
There are 10 Thrift stores in town. Since there are so many I can only think that they trade with the other stores for the same name. Certain Thrift stores specialize in certain things. There is a store for: Electronics, Furniture, Books,pots pans and dishes, and shoes, or at least that what it seems like to me. It has made it nice to buy a laser printer for L. to print out so much stuff.

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