Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We had a gift certificate for $1000 worth of travel that I had won while working at EarthLink. We had to use or it would expire by the next break that we would be able to use it. We decided to surprise L.'s Mom and take her to New York to visit L.'s cousin, one of my best friends. The travel agency charged exorbitant prices for the tickets so all we could get was the 3 for the gift certificate. (I really don't know how EarthLink saves money using them.) We had everything arranged and L.'s Mom chickened out. She had a hundred excuses when the real reason was that she was scared to fly. Then a couple of days before arriving- My friend gets in a motorcycle accident and breaks his arm and gets bruised up pretty bad. His wife needs to have her wisdom teeth pulled while we are there and to top it off the transit workers decide to strike so no subway or buses. (hmm to bad there is no longer a working motorcycle). Non-refundable tickets so we decide to go anyway, and the last time that I planned to go to New York I had to cancel because of a crunch at work. There was no way I was letting another pair of tickets go to waste. As it turns out it was it was one of the best trips that we had. The transit strike ended the day after we got there so all the things we wanted to see in town we got to see, and the whole reason that we went, to visit, was easier since that is all we really could do. I ended up cooking a lot of dishes that were nice and soft for my friends wife but it was fun. My friend had given me the impression that his wife had grown up with in the French side of Switzerland so I had written on her present that it was from Pere Noel but we found out that her childhood was in Germany so we got to learn about the Christmas Spirit so that was cool.
The only real problem that was had was getting delayed in San Fransisco airport on the way there and back. If there is any way to avoid it we will never take a connecting flight through there again- to much bad weather.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

School is out.

Now that school is out L. and I have some time to explore some of our surroundings. We have went up to Portland to see that Saturday Market before it was over. We went with the intent to buy some hats that were a little warmer then what we have. It was pretty big. I am used to swap meets with all the vendors selling mainly Chinese made in-expensive stuff. Here it was mainly craftspeople and artists selling their work from their booth. It was pretty interesting. We also got to see the Christmas lights at Pittock Mansion complete with the sunset over Mt. Hood.
In some Oregon magazine it said that December was the best time to see the waves at the beach. Growing up near the beach my whole life I could not for the life of me figure out why someone would go to the beach to look at the waves, but one weekend L. and I decided to head out to Florence to see what there was to see. The stark contrast between the the forests of trees that stop suddenly at the sand dunes was really interesting. L. and I walked out on one of the rock jetties and I realized why people came to see the waves. They were between 30-40 feet tall and just came in one after another, usually 3-4 at a time.
We have also finished packing away the last of the boxes. Since we basically just arrived here and starting going to school the next week we didn't have time to fully unpack. So we have spent some of the time hanging pictures and trying to get a little more organized for next term, especially since we will not get this long of a break again for a while.
I also installed a new showerhead since the old one was about the height of my armpit. I turned one extension upsidedown so that it went straight up instead then added another extension on top of that to add about 18 inches of height.