Monday, January 09, 2006

New Years

My friend and I had kept in contact since high school. He had moved to Washington and we kept talking about how sooner or later I would move there too. When I told him that we were moving to Oregon he surprised me by telling me that they were moving there too for a new job for him. Now we were only 5 hours away. We had to get together before school started again so we decided for New Years.
They live in a small town in eastern Oregon where there is nothing to do so it gives the great excuse of visiting the whole time. His Mother and sisters drove down from Washington for New Years Eve and we got caught up.
We ended up staying up until two every morning playing games and talking the whole time we were there. It was great since our schedules never seem to cross anymore when we call each other.
His wife wanted me to sketch some elephants for her for a tattoo she was thinking of. I haven't drawn anything forever so I was scared that it would turn out crappy, however I was surprised at how well it turned out.
So on New Years Day we were all bored silly so we went to go wander around Walmart (my idea of excitement.) Since I was bored I thought I would pester the people in the electronics department and ask for an xBox 360. ummm, I was surprised when they said that they had just got in a special shipment last night and had one left. So me being someone that had no plans to ever shop at Walmart and had no plans to ever own an xBox 360 was now walking out of said store with it in my cart. Why? to sell it for a profit of course. I promptly listed it on eBay the same day thinking the worst that would happen is that it would not sell and I would have to return it to Walmart. While before Christmas these things were commanding a $100-200 premium, all I got was an extra $50. The way that I look at it, it paid for the gas there and back.
The main problem that we had was the cats. I am allergic to them and we had already spent a week with one in New York. Spending another week around them took its toll and I feel like I have a permanent hairball blocking my lungs.
On the drive home we stopped at Powell's bookstore (supposedly the world's largest) to look around. It's huge- 6 stories and a whole city block. I was more interested in the technical book store that was a block away though and was able to find a good book to help me learn programming under Linux better.