Saturday, February 18, 2006


So I have another class from the professor that I had so much to complain about during my first term. There is really nothing that I can do about it, he is one of the two "human computer interaction" professors so there is no escape. So I try to make the best of it. I know that it will most likely be through him that I will be getting a salary school job that will pay for tuition so I signed up for another class. This new class (cognitive modeling) is the research area that he is most interested in so it amazing how much his demeanor has changed.
So he invited my wife and I to a party at his house along with other HCI students, where we are able to talk about other interests. This guy shares a an interest in Psychology, Architecture, and is the only other person in the computer science field that has produced his own art to put up on his walls.
Having resolved to dislike this professor after the experience I had with him from the previous term, it is really hard to follow through with that now having so much in common. But that would require me being wrong and no one likes that. I guess I need to keep a more open mind.
Also talking with other people there, most had similar interests as me. I had always just resolved myself to the fact that usually the things that I was interested in were not the normal set that went together, but I had enough interests to have things to talk about something with most people. It was different being able to talk about multiple topics and share mutual interests.

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