Thursday, February 16, 2006

fun with fish

So when living in California we had a fish tank going. When we went to Europe we gave the fish to someone and it promptly died. So now that we are living here L. really wanted to fill the tank up with fish again. It so happens that the apartments we live, fish are the only pets they allow.
I researched and found some good community fish that would do well together and went out and bought a few to start out the tank. I made the mistake of buying fish from a chain pet store (Petco) and half the fish died from ich. We had some problems with the guppies, usually the most peaceful fish there are. They kept killing each other until there was only one. So now we have the worlds most aggressive guppy, I decide to go in a different direction. We will have aggressive fish but areas for them to hide. I got a couple of pufferfish. One of the pufferfish disappeared one night, then the guppy. So now we are are back down to one fish. That's fine as this pufferfish is like most pufferfish in that it acts more like a pet dog then a fish.
We named him "spot" (red spotted puffer). The pufferfish is curious enough that it will watch anyone walking by the tank. It will also follow your finger around the tank. Pufferfish eat live food like snails so we bought a jar, and put a screen on for a lid, filled it with snails and put it in the take with him. He now watches the jar as if it his own TV. He has also taken to balancing on the thermometer, and chasing bubbles when bored. We finally had to end up getting a separate tank for the snails since we also added shrimp to the diet, so like any fish you buy one and the fish tanks start to multiply.

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