Sunday, February 12, 2006

Scholarships & Internships

When L. and I made the decision that I should go to grad school too it might have been a little hasty. We made sure to save as much money as possible since there would be a good chance of us moving and I would have to quit my job. The back up plan was that if we had to move that we would both go to grad school since they are supposed to help offset some of the cost. However I guess I didn't look into it enough because I was not expecting this situation.
We got excepted into grad school but without a school job. Fine no problem we thought- we find school jobs, but they are not the right kind of school jobs- they don't cover tuition or have insurance. Only working 10-15 hours a week means our savings are still getting eaten away at. To add to it it looks like even after living here a year we still won't be considered residents and will be paying the higher non-resident tuition both years here. So we apply for scholarships, they are few and far between for grad students, and because we have to use last years tax returns it looks like we are still sitting pretty. The problem is still not having insurance benefits. Somehow moving out of state changed the rules for us getting "COBRA insurance" so that the paperwork took longer to get through the system then the deadline to submit it by. I did everything by the rules and still got screwed. Now L.'s retainer broke.
So the last hope I have left is to try to get an internship during the summer to help "replenish our reserves". I took same approach that seemed to work for grad school- the shotgun. I applied for as many as possible, and I'll apply for more local ones when they come up. It would be really interesting to work for some of the places that I applied for and only hope that I get one of them.

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