Monday, March 27, 2006


The quarter is over. The classes that I took this term:
  • Artificial Intelligence: good class, lots of logic. For my final project I built an Othello game that learned from your playing and got harder. It was good enough to beat my wife but I couldn't get it good enough to beat me.

  • Advanced Algorithms: Everyone I have talked to says this is the hardest class to take as a grad student. So far I would agree with them. I'm glad it is over. Hopefully I got a good enough grade. This is one instance that I was glad for quarters instead of semesters.

  • Cognitive Modeling: programming a fake brain to try to model a real one. I personally do not have that much faith in getting this thing that much farther then where it is now. (predicting reaction times) but the HCI professor that teaches it, this is his area of study so we learned all about it.

Next term:

  • Intro to Compilers: I am taking this class to kill 2 requirements.

  • Haptics Interfaces: HCI class that looks pretty interesting

  • Perception: Psychology class with the professor I am working for is teaching. good to know for HCI though, what can the human interact with?

last term:
I just realized I never put what I took last term

  • User Interfaces: The reason that I had such a problem with this class is that it ended up being a software engineering class of finding out the needs of the user, instead of what makes a good UI

  • Data-Base Processing: I originally thought it would be a good idea to have some database experience under my belt. I guess it is good that I am now very sure that I never want to be a DBA

  • Distributed Systems: How to run a program over multiple computers, or networks. working for an ISP for all those years made this class pretty easy.

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