Monday, March 27, 2006

The difference in company bureaucracy

So I applied to Xerox PARC, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft for summer internships. I wanted to get the internships in that order too. I was only contacted back by Google and IBM though (They were also the only ones actively advertising they wanted interns, live and learn.)
Interview process for Google:
phone interview with person that would be mentor. (1.5 hours)

Interview process for IBM:
phone interview with hr person to make sure you are who you say you are. (1 hour)
online intelligence test (1.5 hours)
technical interview (1.5 hours)
interview with project manager (1 hour)
interview with project mentor (1 hour)

So can you tell that Google is a smaller company with less bureaucracy. All this happened during the last week of projects being due and the week of finals so it really added to the stress level, trying to be accommodating as possible when emailing back available times for phone interviews since they are up front about the longer it takes to interview the more positions that have been filled.
The good news is that I got a summer internship with IBM. I will be spending the summer designing a user interface for an inventory program that uses RFID tags. I am glad that I won't be earning next years money working the summer at McDonald's, but this internship offer is beyond my hopes of what I thought I would get since I will be getting experience with both user interfaces and embedded devices My two favorite topics). This will involve me spending the summer in San Jose. IBM pays for my housing but I will be away from my wife for the summer. I guess this makes up for all last summer where we were side by side the whole time.

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