Thursday, March 02, 2006

field trip

To try to build up the camaraderie in the computer science department they organized a group trip to the ski resort with the promise to pay for part of the ticket. With no health insurance L. and I decided that it would be best to not tempt fate with breaking a leg since both of us are novice skiers. Then we found out they also had snowshoeing. We both signed up but L. was to sick to go. I have never been snow-shoeing so I still decided to go and L.'s deposit went to waste. I ended up just going with the others that had signed up for the snowshoeing. It was really weird to be walking on 6 feet of snow. (road signs barely poked above the snow.) We hiked for 1.5 miles and found the lake, and courtesy shack complete with a fire in the iron stove. (It helped to thaw out our water bottles) We hiked back and ate lunch. As it turns out all the people that had gone skiing said that it was like ice since it had not snowed in a while so I am glad that I made the choice to go snowshoeing. I don't think that I will do it again, but it was a fun I've done it thing.

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