Monday, March 27, 2006

School is paid for!

Starting spring term I got a salary job at school! It is still part time, but now I have health benefits, and school is paid for. This is a huge deal, if I can keep this job for the next year then just the tuition saving alone are $24,000.
So here is the question that I am now mulling over. I need to come up with a good grad project, and it seems a waste to not use the access I have to MRI equipment. What information could be found out about using a computer from scanning the brain? (Remember this does not have to have anything to do with being feasible since this is a research school :) ) Right now some of the ideas that I am mulling over are: finding out how the brain processes information using direct manipulation (touch screen) vs. having tactile feedback. (real buttons), and the other idea was some kind of control the computer with your brain thing. (See both human-computer interaction related).
It is really funny, since I have GRF (graduate research fellowship- what they call the student salary positions here) through a different department, the computer science department is interested in me. They want to take pictures of the robot and put my picture up on the website to show the inter-discipline work going on, but it makes me kind of feel like the story about the little red hen. Where were they when I was going through the hard time of needing a position.
Oh well this really helps, and it helps the stress level to know I don't have to worry about health insurance now.

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