Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring break

For Spring break L.'s Brother came up to Portland for a writing conference. Since his school was paying for his hotel we crashed it and visited Portland and him at the same time.
One of T.'s favorite authors is Chuck Palahniuk so we had to visit some of the places he mentioned in his Portland guide book. The Portland Museum of Science was on the list. So it was us three, a bunch of kids there for field trips, and tired parents with kids there for spring break. It was weird doing "learning stuff" on our spring break.
While T. was at the conference L. and I went walking around Portland. There were cherry blossoms everywhere. It was fun getting in a cherry blossom fight. Its just like a snowball fight except your hands don't get cold and everything smells strangely refreshing afterward. The down side was that we had cherry petals stuck to our shoes all day.
After living in L.A. with Huntington Gardens, the Arboretum, and Descanso Gardens I really wanted to see the Japanese Gardens here. They are supposed to be the biggest, most accurate, outside of Japan. I liked it, it was so peaceful there. It was really interesting how they used the moss to soften corners or play with perspective. I can see why it would be hard to recreate some of the plants there somewhere like L.A. where it is a lot hotter. I took lots of architecture pictures for future reference.

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