Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring time in Oregon-land

"The sun has come out and that makes for some big changes here in Oregon. It's funny when living in California there was a special rack that they would wheel out at stores when it rained full of umbrellas and plastic ponchos. Here they have one for when the sun pokes out that is full of Frisbees and tennis balls. The first few days of sun L. and I couldn't believe it and still left the apartment with jackets on. (It's happened before where it looks sunny then rains all afternoon.) After a few days though we left the house without jackets and something felt out of sorts without them on and us being outside. Feeling the wind on your arms or driving with the window down seemed like foreign actions.
So what does all the winter rain grow during the spring time? People apparently. It is really weird to see so many people sprouted up lounging around on the grass or playing Frisbee.
The water everywhere around the city has weird effects. We hear "peeper" frogs outside our window every night, even though there is only a ditch. I know that the school mascot is ducks but I was not expecting to see any around campus. (I did not see any matadors at my last school in the spring-time.) There are no lakes but ducks are lounging like the people.
Unfortunately it has also brought allergies. L. which has never had a problem with allergies before has been hit hard. She has to take medication every day. I am used to sneezing in the spring and actually have not had allergies as bad here as I did in California, go figure. I just know which parts of town will make me start sneezing.
L. has decided to try and grow tomato plants on our balcony so we got the pots, plants, dirt and other supplies at a sale at Home Depot only to find out they need greater then 50 degrees at night, so we are bringing them in at night.

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