Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to convice your wife you need a motorcycle

I was going to title this post how to brainwash someone, but I wouldn't say that I went that far...
Stage one: make the person feel indebted.
It all started with L. needing to get re-certified for CPR. She has to do it every year for her job. It's boring after the first time, so she wanted me to come along. Just joking around, as I sometimes do, I simply said you owe me. I didn't have anything planned but then when we broke for lunch for the CPR class we went across the street to Pasadena city college and they were having a motorcycle training class and the idea hit me, and I mean hey, its a SAFETY class. Who could argue with that.

Stage two: make the improbable seem sensible.
With the idea of us going to Europe and spending a lot of time in England and Ireland the idea of striving on the left side of the road seemed like a hard thing to do because of the position of the car. Enter the idea of riding scooters or motorcycles through those parts. It was enough to get L. and I signed up for the motorcycle safety course. We ended up renting and driving a car through those countries since it was actually more expensive to rent even one motorcycle because of the theft rates.

Stage three: exclusivity as part of a group.
When driving the 100 miles home we passed about 20 motorcycles, I'd say 3 didn't wave.

Step four: Isolate the person from any contradictory ideas.
Its funny, my friend (her cousin) rides a motorcycle daily and is now calling just to see how I'm having fun or what upgrades I have made. He conveys these ideas to anyone, including L. L.'s mom also used to ride a motorcycle but had to sell it so now she has been calling trying to relive some of her past.

There was the added bonus of involving shopping.
My wife likes shopping for clothes. Buying a motorcycle involves shopping for clothes, helmet, jacket, gloves. The excitement will rub off.

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