Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day in San Jose

Since I am on the quarter system my school goes a little longer then for all the people that are on the semester system. This meant they wanted to start the summer internship while I still had a few weeks left. This meant that I had to fly down to San Jose for one day of filling out paperwork. Since I only had the one day there before flying home for 2 weeks I wanted nothing more then to get some details (since everything was confidential work all I had figured out was what I had looked up from the job description on my own.) Instead we filled out all the normal job paperwork, another 10 forms on confidential paperwork and patent filings, and then started the team building. We built towers out of paper, and heard about their work culture. Imagine 8 hours of that. Then we headed to dinner and I got to meet the mentors for our project. So the only info I got to go on for the next two weeks is what I could grill the mentors on over dinner.
The one good thing about being forced to fly down for one day is that I could pre-deliver all my luggage so that I would not have to carry it on my motorcycle. This saved me since there is no way I would be able to take everything that I needed for the whole summer strapped to the motorcycle.

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