Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My first MRI

It’s funny, at my old job my boss had to get a MRI for her back. She complained how she became claustrophobic and being forced to stay still for so long. So being part of the psychology group means helping out with the experiments. I volunteered to get my brain scanned while trying to use a tool (one of those gripper hands that extends your reach.) to see how my brain reacted to tool use. All I could think of was, I am totally healthy and here I am getting into this contraption.
Well I didn’t feel at all claustrophobic, and in all reality just the forced immobility was very relaxing, like meditating. I guess I always thought being left handed but logical thinking that my brain would not map out anything like they were expecting. They had a few problems lining up my brain patterns to the way most people use their brains but for the most part it looks like my brain is pretty normal. (but my skull has a large lump on the back that looks pretty funny in the pictures.)

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