Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Motorcycle

Its all kind of funny how things work. When we moved up here I sold my car since we thought we would only need one car. Now with me going down to San Jose for the summer I would go crazy if I did not have some way to explore the area. I felt that I missed a chance to own a motorcycle while living in California because of my desire to not drive in the rain.
It's funny, one of the other reasons that I originally wanted a motorcycle was to save money. The first motorcycle that I looked at ended up having bent forks (The first time I had a vehicle checked out by a mechanic since I know nothing about what to look for in a motorcycle.) All the other motorcycles in the same price range had me spooked in the same way. We decided to use the tax refund and ended up (after "accessories"-helmet,jacket,saddlebags) spending about the same that we got for selling my car.
Its funny, I was brought up with KNOWING anyone that got onto a motorcycle would end up dying on one. The idea has since translated into the more rational idea of being as safe as possible.
I bought a yellow jacket and helmet to for the highest visibility. I added the turn signals, license plate light, and reflectors back on the bike (why anyone would choose looks over safety is beyond me).
Now before I get all preachy I also have to admit to my own stupidity. So Eugene is not that big of a town, I did all the research on what would be the best (easy to learn) first motorcycle to own. The closest one was in Woodburn. I drove up and bought the motorcycle on Wednesday then brought L. back on Friday with me. Now even though I had my motorcycle license, took the motorcycle training class,and planned the trip to avoid all freeways, this was the first time I was riding a motorcycle on the road and it was for 101 miles home. The first turn I made I underestimated the extra weight of a 650cc engine as opposed to the 250cc motors I learned on. I came close enough to the opposite corner to put my foot down on the curb. It got me pretty spooked so I spent the next half hour practicing turns in a parking lot. There were some wrong turns, but nothing else scary for the rest of the trip (L. was bored out of her mind following behind me.)

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