Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Saving grace of rain

I don't know if it is the humidity or if I have really just acclimated to the weather but 90 degrees here feels hot. Also with all the sun comes growth, lots of it. L. and I have been hit hard by the allergies of all the plants in their supper growth cycle right now. I have heard a few people say that the indians called this area, a valley of sickness and didn't want to live here. I don't know about that, but I do know that it is the "grass seed capital of the world". So in addition to all the normal allergies there is an unnatural amount of grass pollen in the air.
After a couple of weeks of sun though we are currently having a week of rain. I have to say that it is nice to be able walk around without bloodshot eyes, and to be able to breathe though my nose. Its a lot easier to pay attention in class with the distinct lower amount of sneezing from everyone. Now here is the scary part. This small reprieve can not last forever. Soon, the sun will come out again and all the recent rain will just further explosive growth. The people that I have talked to that have lived here for a while say that everyone's allergies go away around July when things dry out enough. I guess I am lucky since I will be leaving for San Jose in a few weeks but I feel sorry for L. since she will be stuck in summer school here.

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