Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finishing school

So now the real fun begins. Just as the highest pressure hits for school for the last two weeks for end of term projects, papers, and studying for finals, I also get to add trying to work to the mix. I had tried to finish as much as possible before flying down to San Jose and that helped but since I was leaving a week early from school to return to San Jose it meant that I had to take my finals early with less studying. As it turns out the compilers class was a take home final that I finished in San Jose. The other was for the psychology class which I found pretty easy. (For a computer class you must understand the concept and be able to apply any part of it at will. In this psychology class it was just memorization which is funny since this was supposed to be one of the harder psychology classes since it involved so much physiology.) I ended up getting an A+ in the class, something I did not think was possible for college. The class I had a hard time with was compilers, I just always felt like I was playing catch up, but I think the teacher graded leniently and I got a B. I really got into the haptic computing class and I think I may try to do some research in the area in the fall term.

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