Friday, June 09, 2006

Riding the motorcycle to San Jose

There are some things in life that when you start out you are not sure if you will finish. This was one of them for me. I had been practicing riding a lot but with being busy with school the longest I had ridden up to that point was for 3 hours, as opposed to this 10 hour ride in front of me. It’s funny a year ago to the day we were leaving for Europe. The way that I made it - I took it easy. I would pull off an exit at least every hour and stretch and relax. The only trouble that I ran into was I had hooked up the saddle bags wrong and one of the straps broke by rubbing on the back tire. I fixed it by moving the hook to what was left of the cable using the tire pressure checker and my keys. (I felt very MacGyver-ish.) Once I crossed over from Oregon to California it got a lot warmer and I realized, “hey, yeah this may be fun making this drive”. There were some pretty high winds while I was driving and there were some times that I was leaned over at least 10 degrees just to keep going straight.
So it took me 12 hours for the 590 miles, $40.92 was spent on gas averaging 50mpg. Since being here I have averaged 46mpg around town. I guess that is a good thing with gas costing over $3.00 a gallon now. Its funny that my motorcycle does not have a gas gauge. I guess they did not feel it was important to design that in to the display so I have to make sure to reset the trip meter.
So the statistics go that once you have made it over 500 miles your chances of and accident drop by a good 60-70%. Wouldn't you know it that I made that whole trip nice and safe and the next day while I was shopping for grocieries I hit the brakes to hard with my front tire on one of the white painted arrows in the parking lot. The bike fell over but everything was O.K. since I was wearing full gear and had added frame sliders to the bike before leaving. The only thing that got broke was my turn signal and the end of my clutch lever. They say everyone drops their bike once and hopefully that's the worst I ever experience.

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