Monday, July 03, 2006

life as a bachlor

So I am living in an extended stay hotel for the summer that they paid for while I work down here. There is a kitchen but other then that it reminds me of any other hotel I've been in. I feel weird every time I walk through the lobby with bags of groceries. The good thing is that there is grocery store across the street so I can walk since the saddle bags on my motorcycle don't carry that much and tend to squish loaves of bread. The kitchen was supposed to have all needed cooking tools but was missing things for me like baking pans that I had to pick up from the thrift store. I thought the thrift stores here would have lots of old electronics, with this being Silicon Valley, but I guess all the guys that have them are hording them for some other project just like I probably would. It is also weird having a TV again and I have to admit I watch way too much.
I have been exploring the area when I have extra time but most of it is just urban sprawl. It's weird that land around here is so expensive but there is also so many farms and ranches. I guess the farmers are waiting until retirement to sell out. When I talk to the people that have lived in Silicon Valley a while they talk about the dot com boom like nostalgia when they should have sold their houses.
It is weird to need to drive everywhere again. I got so used to riding my bicycle every day. Now I don’t feel like I am getting enough exercise. So when I do go exploring I try to make sure to get off my motorcycle and walk as much as possible but it is just not the same.

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