Thursday, July 13, 2006

Work outings

So besides going to Yosemite they took us to a lot of other places in their bid to get us to like working there. I am sure it would feel like this a little no matter what but it always seemed like field-trips just enforcing the school mentality even more.
Wine tasting: I have been raised in California. So I was curious what all the wineries were like even though I don't drink . As it turns out there was one other guy that was not drinking anything either. (I never could get his reason out of him, and I realize my real reason is just about as ethereal.) They set up a tour of some of the wineries of Sonoma Valley. They rented a “Limo Bus” that supplied 3 bottles of champagne along with the driver, and about 18 people came, so that means that some people were tipsy before even getting to the first winery. The average price it seemed was $5 for 5 trial glasses, and that would be taken off any purchases of wine bottles that mainly ranged from $20-30 and on up. They chose the places according to the cheapest samples. I think people watching was the funnest for this one such as what the wineries would try to sell tipsy and drunk people.
Paintball: It was the middle of summer, and this was at an indoor building, so there really no debate over what kind of clothing I wanted to wear. We all went to the Thrift store and I bought the thinest long sleeve shirts and pants we could. Some people bought suit coats in hopes of getting extra padding. Once of those guys went home early with heat stroke. The only other time I played paintball was a huge hilly field. Here in a building with a bunch of inflated barriers the strategy was a bit different, or rather it was more just Charge! Games usually lasted about 3-4 minutes before all the people on one side were hit. I have no clue how many times I got hit but we all came away with enough bruises for battle wounds.
Sailing: This was done the last week of the internship. A sailing trip on a catamaran around Alcatraz and under the San Francisco bridge. I have to say, this was my favorite. I never get sea sick but I have to admit that it did feel different to be sailing. People that normally got sea sick agreed that it was much better to sail with the wind as opposed to being on a motorboat. Which is good because there was alcohol involved and the last thing I wanted to do was to deal with drunk sea sicks. My favorite place was just a few feet above the waves in the front of the boat in netting they had stretched between the pontoons. The sailing was right at sunset and I really missed having my wife there. Everyone had a very relaxing time. It was a good ending type trip to do.

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