Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Last Week of Internship

It's funny that in a company this size that they encourage you to meet as many people as possible since that is the only way to get anything done around there. As long as you knew enough people there were ways to get around the red tape and that was actually encouraged. I was drawn to getting a job in research because there is a lot less expected overtime to meet a deadline. Since none of the research departments hired directly from the internship program that I was in I had to hunt them out. Besides the group that I hunted out there in New York this last week was spent just trying to get a interview with different groups there. It's all in the process, that I leaned quickly. Find a group that you want to work for, and make an appointment with the manager for the group. Now even though both you and the manager know you want a job this is seen as an informational meeting. I am not one that is normally outgoing but I put on a good act since I wanted a job. I met with 4 different groups there in San Jose that were involved with User Interface in one way or the other, but none of them wanted to seem to hire someone without a PhD. Since the only real responsibility we had the last week was to document our code a lot of people spent time playing foosball and watching videos on the Internet.
As long as we were in San Jose we thought we would see some of the other companies there too. One of our co-workers husband worked at Google. One of the other guys in our group had set up a tour and I asked to tag along. All the rumors I had heard about working there were true. They do treat their employees good, but seeing everything there together it is pretty apparent that everything is done to get people to work longer hours and spend more time there. While I want to like my job I do not want my career to define me so I don't really want to work somewhere that detracts from me being able to enjoy my life.
Of course the last week was full of parties. We had a group part on Wednesday. I rode my motorcycle down the front of the hill to get to the other set of apartments. I took the last corner to fast, hit some gravel, and slid out because I was concentrating to much on making the perfect turn. It was not that bad but it ticked me off that out of all the times it had to happen it was going to be when my arm would be healing when I met everyone. Everyone decided to have a party on Thursday night. Things were pretty wild. It has been a while that I went to a party where someone drank enough to throw up and pass out. There were plenty of drinking games, but I was just enjoying talking to everyone.
On the last day the manager over the group that sponsored our project approached me and asked if I wanted to work part time from home with the idea that if I did well I would get hired on full time. I saw it as a way to get more money for school since I had no real desire to work for this group so I agreed, knowing that it would be a last resort if nothing else panned out.

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