Monday, August 07, 2006

Travel to Headquarters

So the whole point of this internship was to get the demo working for whatever group you were working for and these demos were then shown to all the VP's and CEO at the headquarters in New York. Some people went up early to explore New York but I have been there enough times and my friends were in Europe at the time so I decided to save money instead. When we did fly in because of the movie “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle we convinced our manager to make a stop off at White Castle so we could get some mini burgers.
Company headquarters is so big they have their own hotel on site. So at $200 billed to the department/ per person a night I would think it would be a good hotel but I got flea bites on both legs that bugged the crap out of me the rest of the internship. Other then that it was pretty nice except the humidity felt like a wall every time walking out of a building.
The first day we practiced our presentations and set up our booths. The next day was a blur of giving presentations, showing off our demo, eating all of our meals with different assigned VP's, and meeting and watching the other sites presentations. (us from San Jose, Austin, Raleigh, Toronto, and Ottawa). I didn't know who the CEO was so I didn't get as excited as some of the others did when he came around to talk to each of us about our projects. Our mentors also wanted to demo our projects to the research groups in the area and I wanted to meet the research people there in New York since that is where I wanted a job so I convinced everyone from both groups that our mentors were sponsoring that we should give the demos since we were more familiar. I then found the group that I was interested in and tried to set up an interview while I was there. As it turns out she was busy so I met with her the next day.
The next day was devoted to job interviews. Departments that knew they would have an opening in their company the next year interviewed all those interested. None of the research groups were there so that is why I did what I did. The problem was that I had to drive to the other building while trying to fit everything else in too. It finally was over and we took a bus back to the airport. When we landed back in San Jose we found out there was a large scare in the U.K. involving liquid explosive trying to be smuggled on planes. If we had left just a few hours later we would have got stuck in the airport for hours.

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