Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It just happened that L's summer school got out the same day as my internship ended. So she drove down and I parked my motorcycle in the company parking lot. We decided that we wanted to drive down to Southern California to visit my Dad, pick up anything we had left down there, and go to Magic Mountain before it was closed.
My wife and I both visited our previous jobs and visited with past co-workers. Even at just being gone a year it seemed like forever since I had worked there.
On the drive back to Oregon we stopped off again in San Jose for a day for me to learn what they wanted me to do to re-design the interface for another program. Then headed home. We were supposed to go camping but my arm was hurting to much so we headed straight home, with me on my motorcycle and her in the car. The problem it turns out is that I am allergic to Neosporin ointment. So the very thing that I put on my arm to help it heal quicker, instead made it ache and just made it worse.
I felt really bad once we got home since my wife had not had any real vacation since she had summer school. We decided to camp at Crater Lake for Labor Day. We made sure to leave as early as possible since we knew it would be a popular place to go. As it turns out we got there just in time. Since there was a fire in the area a lot of camping spots had been reserved for firefighters and we got one of the few good spots left, complete with needing to shew the deer out so I could set up the tent. We drove around the rim that day and took the boat tour and climbed up wizard island the next day. The lake was beautiful and the trip was relaxing but wore us out from all the hiking.

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