Thursday, September 07, 2006

Area of Research

To get a Masters degree here there are three choices, thesis, project, or just extra classes. I was going in the direction of extra classes so that I could take the psychology classes but I may change my mind.
In two of my classes Spring term I had to write a final paper. To kill two birds with one stone I decided to write one paper for both classes. So as to not feel guilty I did put a lot more research and work into it then I would for writing a paper.
I just happened to read an article on the Slashdot website that peaked my interest. The basic idea is the ability to see using touch(haptics). The highest concentration of touch sensor nerves a person has is on their tongue. So a small grid is placed on the tongue with the other side hooked up to a camera. After a few minutes of training the brain starts translating the information using the visual cortex and is able to translate the spatial information as if it was a third eye.
So that is the current technology, the down side is that it is equivalent to 20-860 vision (legally blind is 20-400, normal vision is 20-20). I realized a lot of improvements I could make while I was writing the paper. I talked to one of my professors and they agreed to be my advisor for the project I wanted to do it. During the summer everyone I talked with, the topic kept coming up, and I got more ideas.
So I have decided to seriously look into it so now I have to build this device. The problem being I don't have any real electronics experience. So I have been desperately trying to learn quickly in this lull before school starts.

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