Sunday, September 17, 2006

Speak Like a Pirate Day

So, this seems like a silly reason to celebrate so why not. For some reason a lot of people like the day on the technical websites I read so I read about it there. I was home for the day doing homework and needed to blow off some steam so I looked up on the internet some recipes to make of what a pirate would eat. I ended up making mango bread, some fish, and a cake for desert that did not come out well at all. I went to the video store and rented cutthroat island and I got a couple of eye patches from the toy section at the grocery store. We just bought a new color printer so to top it off I printed out a sign to test the new printer and taped it to the front door for when L. got home. When she got home she was surprised that I had heard of the day since she thought that it was only at the school she was working at. It made for a nice change of pace that did not cost that much even if we never did use the eye patches.

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