Sunday, September 24, 2006

Start of School

School has started. It feels different this year since I was already here a few week and there were no hurried last minute preparations right before school started with last minute decisions. L. and I went to the school welcome party. I could not convince L. of the joy of throwing themselves against a Velcro wall but I was able to get myself stuck upside down a couple of times. She did agree to dress up in giant padded suits for sumo wrestling. We also went to her opening picnic and it was weird that all it took was a year to be the respected upper-classmen. L. finished a month long “September experience” were she helped out a speech therapist at schools. She only has one more term of school and she will be done with classes in December. Then she has a school internship for one term and hospital internship for the other term. She is also studying for her test that will test everything that she has learned in the last 4 years that she has to pass for her license.
I am taking it relatively easy this term to allow me time to try to build the device for my thesis. I have been scrounging up broken LCD screen from the campus and recycling centers to try to get the parts I need.

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