Thursday, October 19, 2006

I got a job or three

I was currently fielding job offers from the group in San Jose to design the interface for database software, the one official interview I went to in New York to code the interface for the email group in Massachusetts, and the group that researches accessibility in New York got back to me and said they were interested in interviewing me again. Both L. and I favor living in New York (about 30 miles north of NYC.) and I really like the idea of a research job since as long as it has to do with making software accessible I am free to work on whatever I want. I learned I make quite the first impression. Without any specific need the manager of the group created a position tailored for me, got more funding for her group to hire me, then flew me back to interview for the position where I choose my own research. The catch? It looks like I will be getting my PhD at some point in the future to move up within the research department. (I know, perpetual student, but this is pretty much my dream job so…). The best part is everyone I interviewed with (8 the first day and 6 the second) liked me; so they offered me the job. I guess I interview good.
It was kind of funny, I had emailed the group in San Jose and said I wouldn't be able to make the meeting since I would be interviewing in New York. They were pretty frustrated since they thought they could keep me in limbo trying to get as much work out of me as possible holding a job like a carrot on a stick. I had already got a written offer from the Massachusetts group so that wasn't going to work. So I emailed them what I had then mailed back my laptop when they said they didn't want someone who was looking for other positions. It is for the better since I need time to work on my thesis and I was getting pretty stressed trying to balance everything.
So to take a look chain of events:
-I decide I need a job for the summer to try to save up money.
-My friend says he will be in Europe for the summer so I can use his apartment in New York.
-I look for and apply for internships on NYU and Columbia's websites.
-I get accepted (2% acceptance rate, I had no idea) for the job in San Jose but they pay for housing so I'm OK.
-I decide I want a job in research.
-I look for groups to talk to while in New York
-Since my thesis has to do with accessibility I decide to talk to that group. (trying to find a group's locations was terrible.)
-I get offered the job and will end up living in New York anyway.

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