Saturday, October 21, 2006

I heart NYC

I got a formal offer the group in New York and decided to accept the offer. So we are moving to New York.... in a year. It is weird that we already know where we are moving when school is over.
We have started looking at homes for sale in the area on reality websites. The scary thing is that only 30 miles from Manhattan in nice neighborhoods and homes are more affordable then they are in southern California. So L. has discovered even with a hatred of reality television she like looking into the lives of people selling their homes, or at least their choice in furniture and wall colors. It really looks like where we are moving there are nothing but old people selling their houses. When we do find an address we have been looking up the address with the satellite picture maps. The detail has gotten good enough and recent enough we can judge the quality of the roof and landscaping. It has also been good to judge how good a neighborhood is.
When we were in Portland we stopped off at Powell's Book (Worlds biggest bookstore) and looked up books on New York. We found this old gnarled leather book published in 1847 about the history of the state. We could not resist since it cost $10. I guess L. and I have had to much school when we like the idea of collecting old books.

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