Friday, November 17, 2006

1st/last UO football game

So we decided that with how much this town has an unreal obsession to college football that we should see at least one game to see what all the fuss is about. Students get free tickets but you have to be in line when they give them out or they are gone. The games for this season kept ticking by because we would be busy every day they were handing them out. Finally I realized that the last home game was coming up so really it was our last chance. I set the alarm to wake up at 5 so we would be the first ones in line. As it turns out, we were second... and no one else showed up behind us for 2 hours. I ended up being late for class anyway since they opened the ticket office late.
L.'s brother was coming to visit for Thanksgiving so we got him a ticket too for $20. I knew they spent a lot of money on football and I was curious what some of my tuition was going for. Holy crap, the stadium is huge! I can not believe how much big, new, and expensive everything was. I ticks me off that so much money from education is going into this. I know, "opiate of the masses" and all the other rubbish excuses for why sports are so popular.
L.'s brother T. and I went early and got front row seats in the student section, right at the Oregon goal line. The day of the game was freezing, literally. Freezing fog is really cold and even at noon they still had the stadium lights on it was so thick. L. came late because she had to take her teaching test. Luckily she showed up with our big wool blanket for us to huddle under.
The game itself was pretty dismal. I mean I'm not a big football fan but Oregon only scored one touchdown. I did get to see the pinnacle of fanaticism with people throwing trash at the opposing side flag runner for every touchdown that Arizona scored. We all got to make comments of who was dancing more slutty the cheer or dance squads and wave our little free "spirit" banners to get into the spirit of the game though. Over all I am glad I went and it was nice to walk home to try to warm up.

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