Saturday, November 25, 2006


One of the reasons we chose to come to Oregon was to live closer to one of my friends that live here. Of course, being is school we were so busy that we had only visited once before. So we decided to get together for Thanksgiving, and after a five hour drive we arrived with L.'s brother in tow.
I've been friends with him since 7th grade so we go way back. His whole family, who I have also known for years, were driving down from Washington to also be there. What would Thanksgiving be without family. I always think of my family as crazy, L.'s family are all weird, but my friend G.'s family, takes the cake. Out of the 6 of them the thinnest one is about 20 lbs over weight. This means they were all getting on my back for being to skinny. Now G.'s mom is and always has been self conscious about her picture being taken, as in no one was supposed to. Her thinking is they can take pictures of her once she has lost the weight she wants to. Now with 9 adults and 6 kids there is little chance of her not ending up in some pictures for a crowded house. With my hobby of photography I have always taken a lot of pictures, and for the last few years we have got together it has always been a goal of mine to take as many pictures of her as possible. My feeling is that pictures spark memories, and without them her grandkids won't remember her as much because she was self conscious about how she looked. So the fun begins.
There has also been a feud between G.'s wife and G.'s mother since the day G. got married. So we got both of them vying to play us all off each other. I have given up on that many years ago. So basically it was the good old home family Thanksgiving.
Once of my other hobbies was is to cook and we got assigned bringing desert- my favorite. I got to try out new things. (I created for the first time pumpkin cobbler, and pumpkin fritters, with the old standbys of persimmon pudding, cherry cheesecake, and an improved pecan pie cheesecake.) All are going into my recipe book. After dinner all of G.'s sisters and mother pulled out their newspapers and started planning which stores, and tracking their paths for the next days sales.
G.'s family are all big game players so we brought canasta to play while there. I am a firm believer in playing my best, and I am good at this game, but all three of them started playing against me and when I was still winning it seemed like less of a game since more and more bitterness got into the game. I think there was more competitiveness then fun at the table, so we played other games the rest of the time we were there.
At the age of 26 L.'s brother finally got his drivers license. So after Thanksgiving on our way to dropping him off back home we let him drive. This was truly a weird experience. As we were driving there was a freak snow storm so he got hist first snow driving experience.

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