Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Family Christmas

When we announced that we were going to visit Utah during Christmas time it set into motion a chain reaction of events that led to all of my siblings except 1 and Dad to also decide to visit Utah (pretty big feat for 7 out of 11 people to drop in). L. and I had decided to stay with her friend so that we did not have to deal with playing favorites with who we stayed with (blessing/curse... you decide). Anyway, this meant that visiting all of my wife's and my families quite the scheduling nightmare. L. is great at these kind of things and had a whole schedule, and phone list. I admitted up front I was just along for the ride. Every day of the two weeks we were there we visited at least one usually two people. A pretty determined thing with how bad the weather was for the first few days. L. and I had decided to put this trip on the credit card since we didn't know when the next time we would be coming here and living on a student salary does not allow for travel.
I don't mean to vent but whenever you get that many siblings together there are bound to be tempers flaring. I usually do pretty good at staying out of the family politics, in fact I hate how often I have to play the mediator. This trip was just to much. I don't want to dwell, and I am not about to write out the details on a web page but time after time visiting one of my siblings left me mute for lack of anything good to say. I looked forward to the days of visiting L.'s family which is not the norm for me. I came away from this visit with the distinct feeling the best for all those involved is that I should just cut off contact with my family and I would not be missed. I originally decided to not write any more posts here also but later changed my mind (obvious because of this post) and just not posting anymore to my family website. So I guess it is for the best that we are moving across the country.
Sorry for the downer post but the number one reason for these posts is for me.

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