Sunday, January 14, 2007

L.'s Birthday

So what do you do for your wife's birthday when low on money? In reality the trip to Utah was her present and also the main reason why we didn't have any money but that seems pretty cold to not celebrate somehow. So I decided to go for maximum payoff for the money. Add to this that L. was now commuting so was using the car everyday so I would need to get everything home by bicycle or foot. So I got streamers- bright, and instant impact as it makes things look very different, and festive. I also made a cake (Angle food cake since its good "diet" cake. Topped with whipped cream and strawberries on the side.) I couldn't resist ton of candles but did not go with the Barbie Happy birthday plastic cake topper. So for her present she got a bottle of the good bubble bath.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Becoming a rain expert

It's funny, everyone thinks it's strange for it to be raining while it is sunny. I've noticed this while living in Oregon since there is the chance to contemplate rain a lot. I realized this has to do with everyone thinking that they are the center of their own universe. I mean if it is raining then there must be a cloud over them or at least close. But, for it to raining and not sunny then the sun must be blocked out by the cloud. The sun would have to be directly over them too. Everything in a nice line from the ground to the sun. Personally I've started to notice it sunny more often when raining now.

There is a false idea that Eskimos have 20 something words for snow. The idea did get me thinking about all the different kinds of weather I have experienced here that were never experienced in the weather void of California. Weather starts as fog, then heavy fogging is about the same as misting, heavy misting is the really annoying one since the drops are still small enough that gravity has no effect so it gets in your eyes as you walk. When it got really cold we had freezing fog. Finally fog you could feel (even if annoying), like thousands of specks of white dust in the air. Snow makes everything quiet, freezing fog made everything almost silent.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years

Since we were in such a hurry to beat the storm on the way to Utah we skipped a visit to my friends house in Oregon. We decided to spend New Years day there instead. It was nice that all the snow had melted off the roads by the time we left so our drive from Utah to eastern Oregon went smoothly. G.'s wife had bought the a copy of the game canasta and said she wanted a re-match first thing through the door. I did not want a repeat of the last time we played so I wanted to see how good I could loose. Of course no one could know so I had a lot of fun deciding who's pile to build covertly (If you are not familiar with canasta helping the person on the left is easiest, then on the right, with the opposite player the hardest because you have to force someone else's hand.). This of course led to a normal 6 hour game into 8 hours and people started complaining that the game was going to long so I switched gears and in two rounds got 3000 points to cross over 5000 and win. I have to say I felt like I was playing God, but everyone came away with a much better mood from the game with no one the wiser (as long as they don't read this, and in that case... Hey guys)
So 2007 will be a busy year. We will be finishing grad school and moving to New York. We will have to start our real lives (get real jobs, buy a house... all the stuff we have been using school as an excuse to not do). I have also decided for sure to write a thesis and have signed up for the proper credits, so its no more just yeah if I want to, there is no turning back now.