Wednesday, February 14, 2007

becoming a teacher... against my will

My father was a 5th grade elementary school teacher. I grew up with the knowledge of teachers not getting respect, or pay, they should. I had no desire to become a teacher, and in fact actively avoided it, because of this knowledge. Somehow fate sees otherwise.
I guess it is because I have the Graduate teaching fellowship to pay for my schooling. I recently started receiving the teachers union magazine. It caught me off guard because I recognized the symbol.
Then I realized, I got off lucky for my masters degree only doing research. If I went for the pHD to get the full research job then there is really no way out of teaching something. And once I do have my pHD my fall back career would always be a professor. It's not that I abhor teaching, I have done a lot of training at two of my jobs. A lot of people have told me I make a good teacher or trainer. It is just so deeply rooted in my subconscious brain that teachers get paid so badly. No matter how many times L. tells me, and I know it is not the case for university professors it will not leave my head that I could make a good living if I taught anything.

Friday, February 02, 2007

problems with the insurance company

I really don't know how else our insurance company could have screwed up more. L. rear-ended another car in October. Of course with the car still drivable we reported it but didn't get around to it until now. The insurance co. sends out someone to estimate damages of $598, $500 deductible so we get a check in the mail for $98.... wow. I never cashed and just took it to the repair shop and signed it over to them. The repair bill $2600 (With 2 trips from the insurance guy to the repair place approving damages, adding an extra week to repair time.). Gee, you think the insurance guy gets a bonus to low-ball his report. We had insurance for a rental, $30 a day. Oregon says normal rental is $22/day so even though we are covered the insurance tries to send us a bill for the difference. We never spoke to our assigned insurance person over the phone, always another line, or voice mail. So each time we called was 1/2 hour ordeal since the other people could not pull up our file. This does not bode well for people with maybe 20-40min of free time a night.
We had heard other's insurance nightmares so we thought going through AAA would avoid that, but in Oregon they contract out to American Commerce Insurance. Frankly I plan to avoid both from here on out.