Wednesday, February 14, 2007

becoming a teacher... against my will

My father was a 5th grade elementary school teacher. I grew up with the knowledge of teachers not getting respect, or pay, they should. I had no desire to become a teacher, and in fact actively avoided it, because of this knowledge. Somehow fate sees otherwise.
I guess it is because I have the Graduate teaching fellowship to pay for my schooling. I recently started receiving the teachers union magazine. It caught me off guard because I recognized the symbol.
Then I realized, I got off lucky for my masters degree only doing research. If I went for the pHD to get the full research job then there is really no way out of teaching something. And once I do have my pHD my fall back career would always be a professor. It's not that I abhor teaching, I have done a lot of training at two of my jobs. A lot of people have told me I make a good teacher or trainer. It is just so deeply rooted in my subconscious brain that teachers get paid so badly. No matter how many times L. tells me, and I know it is not the case for university professors it will not leave my head that I could make a good living if I taught anything.

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