Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday 2007

It just so happened Spring Break, our trip, and my birthday all coincided. It was nice to have my birthday during Spring Break because it meant that I could enjoy it without having to worry about what homework I should be doing otherwise; and I could enjoy my birthday in a different place then Oregon.
About the only place I had not visited in New York after previous visits was Coney Island. Luckily it warmed up for my birthday so we decided to go.
That area of Brooklyn has a very Russian or Ukrainian influence. There were many stores selling meat and potato pies along with other unknown food so we bought some pies with unknown filling from a woman that spoke no English and headed for the sand.
For some reason I had developed a craving for flying kites. So we had previously bought some kites with the intention of flying them at Coney Island. Unfortunately, there was no wind so no one really got to fly their kite that long, it was fun trying though.
We decided to walk the boardwalk so we went back to put the kites away and put more money in the meter for the car. When I had closed the door it flipped the paper over showing we had paid so there was a ticket on the car. Happy Birthday to me.
Of course all the rides were not open yet on the boardwalk since it was still to early in the season. But it was cool just to see everything. Even with everything only being closed during the winter there was enough weeds and it looked deserted enough to seem like we needed to do some crime solving in the mystery machine at the old abandoned amusement park. Sorry, I thought it was cool to see all the old amusement rides.

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