Wednesday, March 14, 2007

crunch time at end of quarter

So there is no time for anything. In the interest of trying to cover all my bases I have found it better to plan how to spread my work out so it can be used for multiple purposes. Previously I had written a research paper that had been used for two classes. After a little editing that paper made a good chapter for my thesis. As part of the original research paper I had to also give a presentation. I gave two other presentations off of the same slides. I also used the software I wrote for my thesis as the requirement for my class project in my UI programming class. Without using work for multiple needs I would not have got everything done since I had no time for myself. I added it up and it turned out that on average I had about 4-5 hours a week to do personal stuff like washing clothes and grocery shopping. I admit that some things suffered like me programming for a class while I was working, but I still got everything done they asked for.
The funny thing is that everything has to be cleared up by the end of the term then there is nothing to do for a week for Spring break.

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