Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break

While most people would want to go somewhere warm for Spring Break we wanted to check out where we would be moving to. So for Spring Break we flew out to New York to check out the area. Flying from Oregon to New York was a difference between night and day. In Oregon spring had already started and it was green everywhere with flowers, and chirping birds and frogs at night.
Anyone who has ever been to Newark, New Jersey knows how depressing it is. When we landed it was all run down industrial factories and weird smells. There was still snow patches in most of the shadows and freezing cold still. Driving farther north and into New York everything was still dead and brown. It was weird not to hear the sound of animals but we didn't notice until the sound was absent.
We both had this feeling of dread come over us of not knowing if we were making the right decision of moving here. The up side, well no allergies obviously with everything being dead so I guess there is always a trade-off. (Actually with how hard both of us were hit by allergies in Oregon we both wanted to see if we were allergic to anything in New York. Unfortunately we would not know until we moved there.)

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