Monday, March 12, 2007

Things not normally seen

It is hard to convince people Eugene is different. I have told people about the people that mow the lawn or wash their car in the rain and they respond that it is out of necessity. But there is more.
I saw a man pulling golf bag from bike. He had one of the large golf bags with the two tires on it with all the clubs sticking out the top with the little socks on them. The handle for the golf bag was hooked up to the back of the bike as if it was a trailer.
Another was a man juggling bowling pins while waiting for a bus. Now it might seem an interesting way to pass the time but I have seem others juggling while walking down the street. I know juggling is popular here and I guess you need to practice some time.
I live about 50 feet from the high school bleachers so I hear a lot of games. I heard the announcer once trying to settle the crowd after booing from an referee call, then tell two fathers to get off the field or the game would be called. I was leaving the apartment so I looked over to see what game was being played, not football or baseball- they had full bleachers of rabid fans for ultimate Frisbee.

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