Friday, April 13, 2007

getting healthy

So the end of school is in sight. It is like coming out of a haze and realizing... my goodness I have been sitting around a lot studying. I am really out of shape.
As part of our tuition we get full access to a new gym on campus. (Yeah, that's what the higher tuition cost went to.) So we both decided we would put it to good use. For starters we decided to spend the $40 and get the health check and personal trainer. (When it is another student it is much cheaper.) Turns out when I get a pain in my back or hips the way to get rid of it is to exercise, who knew?
I have been using the work outs as a break from school, and since the stress from school is pretty constant that means I have been working out pretty regularly. Imagine that, I stick with something to see results. L. has been doing the same for the same reasons and has also seen differences. Now the ominous part... what happens when we graduate and don't have a gym right next door to us all day long?

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