Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring classes

For my last term it was all about the thesis. 9 credits worth.
The other 3 credits was an introduction to 3D programming. It was a requirement but I had fun in the class. I got along well with the professor and ended up asking him to be on my thesis committee. The projects were fun too.
For my group project I was tired of trying to make things to help people. I wanted to try something in the other direction. They had just installed a 3D screen complete with polarized glasses. I convinced the person I was working with to try to create a display that could make someone fall over. The view was looking down the inside of a cone. the walls were made up of cones rotating in the opposite direction of the cone itself. The cones were squished to create an artificial horizon that was also slowly rotating. Everyone was sitting so no one fell over but one guy did say he felt nauseous.
My other project was to test parallax vision. I wrote a program to track the head and move the image accordingly. Moving the head back and forth made the image pop out of the screen. It worked.
I got an A in the class which is good since I used it as an escape from my thesis.

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